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Small Group Tours of Italy

  • Sicily Italy small group tours

    Sicily Tours

    Sicily is an absolutely fascinating place to visit, being a crossroads of civilizations with a range of diverse influences. With our 7 day Sicily tour we provide a well rounded experience covering the diverse aspects that the island offers ... Read More

  • Puglia Experience small group Tours to Italy

    Puglia Tours

    Puglia is a southern Italian region boasting wonderful food, a rich history, beautiful towns to visit ... and a few surprises! Puglia is becoming more and more recognised in the boutique tourism market due to its unique characteristics ... Read More

  • Amalfi Coast small group tours of Italy

    Amalfi Coast Tours

    The Amalfi Coast is world famous for its rugged coastline and picturesque towns clinging to the hills. In this tour you will see all of the famous sights such as Positano, Ravello and nearby Capri. But you will also dig deeper, experiencing ... Read More

  • Puglia Experience small group Tours to Italy

    Sardinia Tours

    Sardinia is part of Italy - and not. A proud and ancient culture have inhabited this island for millennia. Sardinia stands apart as a unique Mediterranean location that is distinctive and unusual ... Read More

  • Tuscany Walking Tours Italy small group tours

    Tuscany Tours

    Tuscany Walking Tours follow the path of the Via Francigena, a pilgrims' trail leading from Canterbury in England to Rome, a route developed in the 10th century. This 7 day tour starts in Siena ... Read More

  • Puglia Southern Italy Travel Packages

    Travel Packages

    Our tour packages and costs are flexible in terms of the number of days and the visits/activities that you would like. Choose one of our travel packages, or talk to us and we’ll design a tour to suit you ... Read More

What sets us apart

Ciao! Here at Italy With Pleasure we're passionate about Italy!
We are a company specialised in taking small group tours to special places in Italy...
and we'd love to share them with you.


    Our tours aren’t organised by third party tour operators. We take you to the places that we like visiting ourselves and that we have carefully selected in person.

    As well as organised excursions, we leave some time each day for you to explore at your own pace so you can get a sense of how it is to live like a local. This is what memories are made of.