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Frequently Asked Questions

Every full day of our tours we include a main meal, lunch or dinner. This feature carefully selected menus that allow you to try all the best food specific to the region that we’re in. This is because we believe that the cuisine says so much about the place you’re in, as much as any town you can visit – history, culture, geography, it’s all wrapped up in the cuisine. And also, our tour price includes wine for all these meals. 

We handle any dietary requirements, we often have people who have dietary requirements so we’re used to making sure this is all sorted out in advance. Our approach is that you never need to skip a course – for example, if you’re vegetarian we’ll organise an alternative to a meat course. 

Most of our customers are well travelled. Many tell us that this is the first time they have joined an organized group tour, having previously travelled independently. Often people on our tours have read about the places that we feature, but don’t want to drive themselves there or spend the extra time needed when taking public transport.

Our tours are ideal for solo travellers. You have other people around to share your impressions with when you want to, and for support. But also solo travellers still have their own room, so you can have time to yourself when you choose to. Rooms for solo travellers are the same as rooms that we assign to couples.

The deposit is fully refundable up until 3 months before the tour start date since we recognise that your plans may need to change, perhaps for circumstances beyond your control. When cancelling within 3 months of a tour start date there is a non refundable amount (this amount varies depending on the cancellation timing and accommodation payment terms).

All of our tours are in English. Our tour leaders have excellent English, which is crucial in making for a pleasant tour (and avoiding any misunderstandings!) 

We hire professional drivers, they get you to wherever you need to be in air-conditioned comfort – no need to negotiate the notoriously unruly Italian traffic or spend time finding a carpark when you arrive. We look after this for you, meaning you can focus on why you are really here – to experience what makes your destination unique and interesting. 

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